Altair Thinklabs is a global creative company that helps businesses succeed through human-centered design.


End-to-end product development, strategy, and design services, all under one roof.

Design Research

An in-depth understanding of the end user and their desired user experience is key to successful design. We use a variety of research methods, including ethnography, to uncover valuable insights.

Product and Brand Strategy

A good strategic plan is the foundation of a successful design process. Our strategists combine customer data, research insights, and business goals into a clear strategic direction that aligns the client’s needs and end users’ desires.

Industrial Design

Our human-centered approach to design helps us focus on what’s important. This emphasis on the end user combined with our proven design process results in compelling products and services with clear intent.

Brand Design

We understand the importance of brand DNA, and how branding relates to your products and services. Whether you are an established brand, or in the process of building a new brand, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Engineering and Analysis

With our powerful engineering partner, Altair Product Design, co-located at our headquarters, we can offer one of the best start-to-finish product development processes in the industry. From concept to reality, we are there for you!


Prototyping throughout the product development process is critical for concept validation and learning. Our state-of-the-art 17,000-square-foot facility gives us the ability to create prototypes of all shapes and sizes, quickly and efficiently.

Why Thinklabs?

We combine extensive experience with a robust suite of offerings you won’t find anywhere else.

Tailored Thinklabs Events that Result in Meaningful Product Insights

Our Thinklabs Events utilize a proven methodology that provides tangible direction acquired through research, strategic product planning, ideation development, and concept prioritization.

Results-Oriented Brand, Design, and Business Strategy Services

We provide brand, design, and business strategy services that help your company create groundbreaking designs and powerful roadmaps to achieve business goals.

Human-Centered Design with Global Reach

Altair Thinklabs brings a global perspective to branding, brainstorming, and product commercialization, with over 40 offices in 19 countries worldwide. But we never lose our focus on the end user.

Seamless Design-to-Engineering Workflow

With over a decade of collaborative project experience with Altair ProductDesign we provide a seamless workflow for highly creative and technical solutions utilizing the strongest simulation tools in the design industry.

Substantial In-House Prototyping Facility

Our extensive facilities and staff can support a wide range of prototyping. From consumer goods to full-scale vehicles, Altair Thinklabs has the space, equipment, and expertise to address most fabrication and prototyping needs.


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